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Most Everything is a vintage clothing and decor store, specializing in mens casual wear and mid century decor. Great place to get a plaid wool skirt, or an old band t-shirt. If you're lucky you'll be greeted by Sunny, the sweet shop dog!

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Urban Eccentric is a vintage clothing store, but carries anything from Edwardian Robes, to contemporary cardigans. Re-vamp your wardrobe, or find a costume for a party, it's all there! 
Mon-Fri 11-6
Sat-Sun 12-6
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Old Glory antique mall has something for everyone, with different vendor curated collections around every corner, you can spend quite a while exploring and finding treasures. 

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Low Bar is a casual, warm, and friendly bar just next door to Most Everything, that specializes in cocktails named after beloved grandparents, and homemade pickles. They serve an array of delicious breakfast foods all day. As every bar should. 
(21 + over only)


Mon Ami is a cozy little cafe and creperie right on Main St, and I don't think I've ever stopped by without seeing someone I know, it's a community favorite. They make a great chai, and their simple crepe with just powdered sugar and lemon is a perfect treat. 

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La Bottega is an Italian restaurant popular with the lunch and wine snob crowd, but to me it's the best sandwich shop in town. You can choose from the daily special or create your own from an array of ingredients. Order to go on a sunny day and have a picnic! 

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Brickhouse is a local hangout spot, popular with just about everyone. By day the stage doubles as a play area for the kiddos, so on a rainy day bring the little ones, have a drink and a burger, and count the days to summer. Also I always though it would be a perfect roadtrip stop if you're going up or down the I-5. Let the kids out of the car and have a meal. 
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The Kiggins is a historic theatre, recently restored and complete with a beautiful bar on the upper level. It's what every historic theatre should be, and features second run and independent films. Especially popular are live showings of hit T.V. shows like Walking Dead, and I saw the Doctor Who Christmas special there on Christmas day. 

 photo VancouverMuseum_zps93c7d553.jpg The Clark County Historic Museum was once the main Library, but now hosts exhibits, a research library, and monthly lectures. My favorite museum features are the lectures and pouring over the 40s yearbooks they have on hand. Lot's to explore if you know where to look! 

Tue-Sat 11-4


Johnny and June said...

This just ain't fair. You tempt us with all these gorgeous places when we're over here on the other side of the world. But don't worry, we'll eventually get our butts over to you so we can experience it all. Awesome post.
Jesse and Tim xx

Frocks and Frivolities said...

What a great post! I am new to Portland and have spent a little time in Vancouver looking around, but did not really know where to go. I did find Old Glory Antiques, but got there as they were closing so I will have to try again! Look forward to more such posts and to a Portland version! Thanks.

Clark County Historical Museum! said...

Thanks for the mention! Cool photos. :)

Lauren said...

Those shops all sound so great! What a fun post idea. I'll have to do a guide for my own hometown.

liliesandremains said...

I think my heart just exploded with hometown pride! I owe my mom a visit here soon, and would *love* to go to the historical museum!

<3 Sara

Janine Rudkins said...

LIVE SCREENINGS of the Walking dead?!! WOW- I am massively jealous! We have an old cinema in Colchester which is edwardian and beautiful and its currenlty playing host to over 200 pigeons... wish someone would reie that like the Kiggins! Great post. I now wnat to go and break into the derelict building to see what its like! Janine x