The gray dress

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My love for this dress is unlimited. 

It looks like it's straight off a runway, with quality that can now only be found in couture and vintage. I've been slowly giving in to my love for 60s fashions, having grown up on large doses of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. It was inevitable.

I just love the clean lines and often simplicity of the era, often topped off with a dramatic detail like a bold collar or jewel toned embroidery. 

This dress just has that je ne sais quoi that belongs to the 60s, it's so easy to wear, and at this awkward time of year between winter and spring, it's just what my wardrobe needed. 

Dress-Buffalo Exchange



Knit turban and gloves-thrifted 

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Lindsey Dish said...

Oh, you look sooo much like Jackie O! How absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love with everything about this - so grown-up and stylish!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

Abigail said...

A very nice, chic ensemble! I love it. Your new blog header is very nice, too. Great work! I love 1960s fashions too.

Jennifer Rainey said...

Wow, what a stunning dress! Such an elegant look and a fabulously dramatic photo shoot.

kate gabrielle said...

I don't usually throw this word around but my god you are FABULOUS.

Lucy In The Sky said...

What an incredible dress! You don't just wear it, you own it - you look fantastic!

Fräulein K. said...

i looooooove the sunglasses
xo Fräulein K.

Porcelina said...

Wow! A stunning dress, you look a million dollars! P x

Madalynne said...

Absolutely beautiful for sure. That's exactly why I like the 60s as well - clean, simple, yet bold.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

This may be the most perfect dress I've ever seen. Seriously amazing.


Sarah said...

Oh this dress is just fabulous! So chic.

Mélodie Nicolle said...

Oh my that dress!!! It's simply gorgeous!! You look stunning dear ;)

Nicole Olive said...



fashionedbypluche said...

I absolutely adore that dress! Those vibes are very inspirational. Just what I needed. Thank you!

Xtabay Liz said...

One more thing! I think there is a designer label in there somewhere- if you find it let us know who made it!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Ravishingly chic ensemble.

♥ Jessica

laura redburn said...

you look absolutely stunning in this!

Victoria NicAnndrais said...

What an amazing dress!

Naomi said...

You look amazing in this outfit! It's like you stepped right out of a Mad Men episode. X

nualanylon said...

Gosh that dress is just gorgeous! Was it suuper expensive though?

Rouge Velours said...

This dress is very nice!
Have a good week-end!

fleurani said...

this Dress is absolutely perfection :-) You do look like Jacki O! so in love <3


Melanie said...

WOW! That dress is stunning, and you wear it to perfection. I love your choice of flats with it. I hope you went somewhere lovely to let the masses gaze upon this masterpiece.

Gabriala Brown said...

Absolutely incredible, I adore this on you! Love! XOXOX

Dulcie said...

AMAZING outfit! I love it :)

Rena Hartman said...

Those beautiful Ferragamos! My grandmother had a collection that was the envy of all the women in her small Midwestern farm town. (In truth the collection would have been the envy of any woman with a penchant for Ferragamo shoes.) It's a shame that I sport a size 11 not 8.5AA. You knocked it out of the park with this post, and I am truly inspired and happily nostalgic thinking about my Grandma Lee--my style icon, and the reason I know vintage like I do. Kudos!