Imogene + Willie

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It's a rare thing to find a pair of jeans you could happily live in. They're somewhat mythical really, so many things to factor in, the give of the denim, the placement of the pockets. I once saw a woman go through dozens of pairs of jeans (I can't recall the blog, found it through Pinterest) showing the difference they make to how her figure looked. It looked like a different person each time. There are so many choices of denim for women. Sometimes I think too many, it's really overwhelming and confusing, and above all exhausting. 

I had seen some blogger and friends on Instagram wearing denim by Imogene and Willie, and as luck would have it, a few months ago they branched out from their flagship store in Nashville and opened a shop right here in Portland. So this week, I sold some of my vintage wardrobe and went over there hoping for the best. 

I was greeted by Bob, who was so helpful, and made sure the fit was just right in the multiple pairs I tried. He explained how everything should fit before bringing other pairs to try on, and how they would wear after breaking in. 

Once I got the right size, it was like this "oh, this is how a great pair of jeans looks" moment, and I knew I could live in these year round without question, and they even come in gray and black! So those will obviously make their way into my wardrobe at some point. Because it would just be ridiculous to not buy the perfect jeans in every color. 
Elizabeth Stretch Jeans-Imogene + Willie 

Shirt-T.J. Maxx 

Eliza Boots-Walk Over 

Hat-Stole it from my mother

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Rebecca said...

ooh those jeans look great! I have a hard time finding jeans that look good on me, but I love high waisted pants. I'm definitely going to look into these!
Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

Lieke said...

They look amazing!

Librarian Tells All said...

As a Nashville girl, I'm thrilled to see you wearing Nashville demin. It looks amazing, too! And I'm glad to know that they feel as good as they look.

My husband promised me a pair of Imogene and Willies, and I've been putting it off. No longer! Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration.

Abigail said...

Very cute, i like them a lot! I usually end up making my jeans, just so i get the best fit (and for some bizarre reason brands wont make their jeans to come up to my waist) but i will have to check these out sometime. (it may be a while, i live in Kansas, lol. But hey, a girl can dream right?)


Whitney said...

Your legs look an honest-to-god mile long.

Kalin said...

Wow, I love those jeans!!! I can never find high-waisted jeans! :(

Jade Sheldon said...

Yep, these must be mine. I'm leaning towards getting the black first...

Saperlotte D. said...

Oh, I agree. Finding a good pair of jeans is so exhausting and frustrating somehow. If you spot a dress, you will usually be able to already tell if it will look good or not. But for jeans.. When they are lying or hanging around in a store, they all look the same for me.
I wish perfect fitting jeans would just magically appear in my wardrobe without having to try them on.
Your new pair fits ans suits you really well. I like the combination of the oldfashioned high waist cut and the skinny legs. Really lovely!

xoxo, Saperlotte

Lindsey Dish said...

The high-waistedness of it all! So hard to find a great fitting pair normally, much less in that style! Wish they were in Singapore!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

BaronessVonVintage said...

Ok, I LOVE these.

Daffny AVintageNerd said...

I think finding the most flattering and comfy pair of jeans is worth every penny! I also think its imp to know your body shape and be aware of what works and what doesn't.

Many jeans take away from our figure instead of enhancing them. I love these on you-totally adorable and flatters what you have in every way.

I am petite and a size 12-I am round everywhere with my post babies bod (round hips, round butt, round tummy, round face even hehe) and I wear leg braces so I can never wear skinny jeans. What works best for me is mid-rise with flare. So I highly recommend when someone goes shopping for their perfect pair that they are aware of their figure and every curve and bump as well only so that you can find what flatters you best. No point in investing if you aren't going to look and feel amazing. I am going to try out the brand 7 jeans. Have you heard of them?

I don't know if you ever saw the episode on Oprah (a zillion yrs ago lol) that spoke about the best jeans for your figure. If you'd like to see it (which you may already have) here it is: http://www.oprah.com/style/Best-Jeans-for-Every-Body/1

I love how your style is reflecting you and your lifestyle more and more. I have cleaned and purged my closet recently and I am determined to have a wardrobe that reflects me more. Still of course incorporating vintage in every way I can and still be functional as a mother to three little ones :P Thanks for this post. I am uber excited to see if I can find my perfect pair now!

xox D www.avintagenerd.com

Liv said...

Those jeans look amazing on you! Plus, with a striped top you can never go wrong ;)

Here in Melbourne we have a great little store where you can get the jeans fitted to you for free and luckily they don't cost an arm and a leg.

Lauriana said...

Those look great! I'm always surprised to see anyone in high waisted jeans which fit well, and these do.

Helen Mae said...

They look amazing! I'm really short of nice jeans at the moment but I hate trying them on; shopping for jeans is probably the most intensive and difficult kind of clothes shopping!

Lauren T said...

Love my Imogene + Willies...it's nice to hear of their expansion. The Nashville store is a little over a mile from my house. My favorite thing is that they hem the jeans for you...I have a shorter inseam, and I love that they hemmed my pair while I waited, and I went home with jeans the perfect length for me.

Katie Farron said...

I know you probably hear this about a thousand times a day, but you are beautiful, lady! (Also, thanks a lot for pointing out highly addictive this website for high-waisted sexy jeans, because I already wasn't spending enough money on cute clothes as it is :P)But really. You've been my style inspiration for literally like three years and I love how you make every look seem so natural and pretty!

Madalynne said...

You got that right - jeans are so personal. I heard about Imogene and Willie about a year ago when they teamed up with Anthropologie for a capsule collection (Made in Kind). They have a fabulous aesthetic.

Wanderlust Queen said...

Man, I would totally wear jeans more often if I had a pair I looked like that in. Gorgeous!

Lisa Noël said...

Perhaps the jean-comparison blog link you were looking for was

Carla said...

I LOVE those jeans. Thanks for the heads up. I have a terrible time finding jeans that fit properly, due to having a sway back, and all jeans being an on the hip cut now.
Time to save my pennies!!

Emma Litton said...

Those look incredible on you! Hot, hot, hot. I've always been interested in trying their jeans (the store is right down the street from where I live) and now I seriously want to.


Jessica Cangiano said...

These jeans are incredibly flattering on you. Really cool outfit. There's a wee bit of a 70s vibe going on here that I just adore.

I remember that same series of photos on Pinterest. It made me even more certain to check out a pair of jeans or any kind of pants from all angles (I've even had the mister take quick cell phone snaps from sides the mirror couldn't show me) before purchasing.

♥ Jessica

Laura Whitman said...

Those jeans are so gorgeous!


thegreatzambini.com said...

I'm sure this is terrible, but I have a confession: I find it easy to find jeans that fit me perfectly. I'm always looking for straight leg and a few wrinkles (not skin tight!) when they are on, and I want to be sure the back of the waist doesn't gape, but in general jeans fit me wonderfully. I'm tall and an hourglass, so I guess I'm the kind of person mass produced jeans are shaped for, even in the plus sizes.

Sarah-Lou said...

2 words for you: killer curves!

What a pity they don't sell their beautiful jeans online...


Fleur McGerr said...

Like these jeans a lot and I also like seeing how your style is changing! Enjoyed the debate your last two posts have stirred up too. I am wondering if you'll change your blog name...I've thought about that for years and always thought dropping the 'vintage' would be more trouble than it's worth with all the links across internet land. But I do wish is chosen a less specific name!

jaime olsen said...

love jeans - great outfit in combo with hat!

Doll Up Clothing said...

Im loving this outfit! Those jeans look great

mariqia said...

Wow, I will look for high waist jeans like that haha! So flattering on you ;)

christina said...

it's time for me to invest in a good pair of jeans. that cut is so flattering on you. I+W are so good.

keep rocking that vintage style – we love it!